Quota System:[Chart] Renewed Reactions Over Unity Schools Cut-Off Marks…139/300 In Anambra, 2/300 In Yobe

by on July 12, 2020

Nigeria as a country, operates the UBE Education system, also referred to as Unity schools. These schools have seen the advancement of education in the country, especially amongst those who cannot afford private schools.

There are 104 unity schools across Nigeria currently, and they all take the same Commonwealth Entrance exam. In 2018, when the cutoff marks were released there was immediate outrage at the huge disparities in the Cutoffs as they drift from the Eastern part of the country, down to the South, and reaching rock bottom at just 2/300 in the North.

Out of 300 possible points, the cut off mark for candidates from Anambra State is 139, Imo 138, Enugu 134, Delta 131, Lagos 133, and Ogun State 131. For a candidate from Kebbi State the cut off mark is 9 for male and 20 for female. Sokoto is 9 for male and 13 for female. Taraba is 3 for male and 11 for female. Yobe is 2 for male and 27 female.

In Zamfara, a male candidate that scores 4 qualifies and a female candidate that scores 2 qualifies too.

The disparity in cut-off marks has triggered concern from Nigerians, who say the wide range of expectations are creating a divide.

it is acknowledged that the Education standard in the North is very low compared to other parts of the country due to cultural and religious factors. Many have argued however, that this could reduce the Education standard to mediocrity due to the production of candidates who are “helped along”.

As seen in the photo below, the full list of cut-off marks for the 36 states:
Abia 130; Adamawa 62; Akwa-Ibom 123; Anambra 139; Bauchi 35; Bayelsa 72; Benue 111; Borno 45; Cross River 97; Delta 131; Ebonyi 112; Edo 127; Ekiti 119; Enugu 134; Gombe 58; Imo 138; Jigawa 44; Kaduna 91; Kano 67; Katsina 60; Kebbi 9 (male) 20 (female); Kogi 119; Kwara 123; Lagos 133; Nasarawa 58; Niger 93; Ogun 131; Ondo 126; Osun 127; Oyo 127; Plateau 97; Rivers 118; Sokoto 9 (male) 13 (female); Taraba 3 (male) 11 (female); Yobe 2 (male) 27 (female); Zamfara 4 (male) 2 (female) and FCT Abuja 90.

However, when the issue was brought up during the 2018/2019 academic session, the Federal Ministry of Education had insisted that the selection employed the national merit criteria of 60 percent, with a cut-off score of 146 and above and equality of state of 30 percent of the colleges’ carrying capacity.

~Nigerians Say ‘Mediocrity may set in’~

Medical Doctor, Peter Atangwho took to social media to express his thoughts on the cutoff standard, saying:

“A child from Anambra with #138marks is thrown out. But his counterpart with #2marks (“2”, I mean “TWO” marks) from Yobe, will get admission into any unity school of their choice.

For an objective exam that is marked over 200, his on earth will someone sit for that exam and not score at least 2?
That’s like saying there’s no entry requirements at all for kids from certain states, while others will sweat and toil and won’t still get admission at last.

Tomorrow, the child who entered Unity Schools with 2, 3 or 4 marks will become the head of government & government ministries.
The one who studied so hard to score139 marks will work under the dullard (if they’re ever given the job in the first place!)

Is this how we celebrate mediocrity in Nigeria in the name of Federal Character or Quota System? Tell me, how can Nigeria develop under this condition?
Is this how we want to train & empower the generation that will pay off the mounting trillions of our national dept?”

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