Teresa Fidalgo – Real Story of her Ghost and How it Spread On Social Media

Do you know about Teresa Fidalgo’s story? The story has become an urban legend, but it is an unbelievable story. Here we will talk about other ghosts that reappear on the roads. Let’s talk about the real story of Teresa Fidalgo.

Teresa Fidalgo was a woman who was killed in a car accident in 1983. Her spirit haunts social media and has been scaring people online for years. Some reports say that if you don’t repost it, Teresa will haunt you forever, so don’t dare to take the risk.

Story of Teresa

The story was famous on the internet, and people have started to believe it’s true. She is a chilling reminder that some things on the internet are just good or true. It is a sad story, but the legend continues to haunt social media and Instagram for years.

After five years, Teresa and three teenagers, Tania, David, and Tiago, were going to a party. That was a really quiet journey; they could never imagine what they would experience that day.

Before that, David had been a video camera for recording and testing the camera that contained infrared throughout the journey. He was in the car’s back seat, and on the way, they came across an image of a white lady on the road.

They continued their journey, but after a while, they turned around to see what they had just about to see. That is an illusion, and the person is asking for help, but they never know that she is Teresa Fidalgo.

They came back and stopped the car next to her, and invited her to get into the car. David’s camera was still on recording when she came into the vehicle. She gave her introduction and said I am Teresa, and then after some calm moments, she said, ‘look, there is where I had an accident and died.’

Just imagine how much it would be difficult when the girl who was dressed up in a white dress with a unique appearance and telling them she had been dead. Teresa Fidalgo started screaming, and these three youngsters were in panic and suffered another traffic accident on the same point of that road.

David was the only survivor of the accident, and his other two friends, Tiago and Tania, died. The twisting and interesting thing are that the camera was still on the recording when all that was taking place. So, they have proof of everything that they experienced.

The police reached the scene to investigate the event. They asked David to find out what his testimony was about the accident and what happened, and he told the story. He said that the fourth person in the car was Teresa, but there was no dead body of that fourth person at the event. But, police found that five years ago, A woman named Teresa died on the same point of the road.

Some people report that it is true because of all that was recorded during the journey. But there is another fact that the video was shot by David, who is a filmmaker. So the video is not true as it is recreated by the urban novel of the hitchhiker and belongs to a short film named “ the curve.” This video just exploits the urban legend that we have all heard.

Who is the Author of the Story of Teresa Fidalgo

Teresa Fidalgo is a fictional character in a Portuguese movie. The story was created by the filmmaker David Rebordao. According to the story, she died in 1983 in Sentra, Portugal, in a car accident. He went on a trip along with friends to look for a site for the shoot and supposed to be named ‘ A curve.’

Therefore, David created this fictional and mysterious story that is not based on true facts. The director of the channel said he was really surprised by the story’s longevity and popularity. People believe that story as Teresa is rumored to send messages on Facebook, Instagram, and email.

Truth Behind Teresa Fidalgo’s Story

Teresa has become the stuff of nightmares for social media users. The story was about a young woman who died in a car accident, and now her ghost haunts social media photos and videos that are shared online. If you don’t share, she will haunt you forever.

Teresa’s story has many common points with other ghost stories around the world. Those who work in this category are called road ghosts or road ghosts, and the most common variety is the ‘ghost and hitchhiker.’ They are hundred and thousands of ghost examples, but we selected this particular one.

In the Argentine city of Parana, a bus was circulated in the middle of the morning, and only a driver and a companion were on it. They saw a young blonde from the back of the bus, his eyes were red, and his hair was disheveled and had a bad smell.

He approached the men and opened the bag, and there was a human head inside the bag. She asked what the end of the tour was, and suddenly, he disappeared at a crossroads.

Another road ghost story is about Pedestrians who were walking in the middle of the road. This is the spirit of blue Bell Hill in Kent, England. They saw a shadow of a young woman who died in a traffic accident in 1965.

Among all these ‘the most common is “ girl on the curve.” This story had many common points no matter a single person or a couple of drivers caught the woman in the white dress in the mid of the road. Most of the vehicles crashed in this incident.

Some people say that these are roads that are ghostly entities in themselves. The highway was inaugurated in 1929, and in the first years, more than 100 accidents occurred here at the same point. The local farmers of that area started to create stories about a demon that had a supernatural entity.

Experts’ Opinions About Area

However, some experts visited that area and said there could be some kind of magnetic force causing the accidents. This thing was proven when the iron rod was holding shout out of their hands when they reached a specific point on the road, and that was a point where accidents occurred.

Now the solution is to bury a copper box that countered the magnetic energy then accidents could be stopped. This mechanism caused a deflection in the magnetic waves and started to interfere with the telephone signals.
Some locals said that an entity had taken over the place, and the power was so massive. It controlled the waves and manifested itself through the telephone.

Why Urban Legends of Ghosts Arise On The Road

The urban legends of ghosts on the road and Teresa Fidalgo are very common in many cultures. But these are just stories, and everyone knows it. Maybe the origin of these ghosts is in the long journey on unknown roads.
The conquest of new lands always brought new surprises during the trip. Fear and insecurities also influence the creation of these types of stories, even superstition.

Common places In Urban Road and Ghost legends

In all these stories, legends or myths always have some common places, such as

  • A couple or a single person usually travels.
  • Driving at night, and no one is on the road.
  • A ghost girl appears on the shoulder of the road in a white dress.
  • The girl seems angelic and has been taken from a Frigo freezer, less expressive.
  • Someone died on that road in the past, or a tragedy occurred in the vicinity.
  • The victims die without police or locals being able to explain what happened.
  • All these make you think that these are scripted stories that serve the purpose of being scary.

Video About the Ghost of Teresa Fidalgo

Well, it is a short film that we mentioned in the story of Teresa and based on her story. It is three minutes long, and you would not understand things. Quality is limited, and anyone can be scared after seeing it.

How Teresa’s story became famous on Social media

Teresa’s story has been shared multiple times on social media platforms in the form of chain letters, which haunt the reader. If they don’t share with others, Teresa will haunt them. That is the most common way to threaten people on social media. People believe that because the story seems really good and true.

Well, whatever this story is, it is sure to send a chill down your spine; therefore, be aware on social media about all these kinds of stories.

The disadvantage of Misleading Information

It is a perfect example of how misinformation spreads online. Click the button and share the story with millions; otherwise, some superstitious activities will occur with you. It creates fear among people; therefore, be careful when we see these stories on social media.

Bottom Line

Everyone must do some additional research before hitting any story share button. Teresa’s story is a reminder that be careful when you share online fake news stories because these have some serious consequences.

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