Reasons of Back Pain and How to reduce it?

Mostly back pain starts after the age of 30

By: Mehwish

Pain is an annoying feeling in the body. Back pain affects any age of people. Mostly back pain starts after the age of 30. The common reasons for back pain are as under:

  1. weak muscles
  2. overweight puts up pressure on the back
  3. smoking reduces the blood flow to the spine that causes back pain
  4. depression and anxiety is also the reason of back pain.
  5. Some diseases like bone cancer and arthritis can cause pain in the back.
  6. Lifting heavy weights and wearing high heels is also the reason for back pain.
  7. Calcium and vitamin D are necessary for bones.

Some simple methods to reduce back pain

  • Daily exercise is a good way to help your muscles to do their work better and reduce back pain.
  • Walking and swimming are good exercises for relief in back pain.
  • Losing weight with diet and exercise helps you to reduce back pain.
  • Smoking is a bad habit and causes back pain so you should quit smoking.
  • Do not lift heavy weight and not stand for a long time.
  • Always sit on a seat that has a proper lower back. It helps you to relieve pain.
  • Hot and cold therapy also helps you to feel relaxed in case of pain.
  • Always wear comfortable shoes in case of pain.
  • Stress is the reason for back pain so try to keep yourself relaxed. This helps you to reduce pain. A night of good and healthy sleep is also good for pain relief.
  • Use Calcium and vitamin D to make bones healthy. Deficiency of these causes back pain.

Here is some anti-inflammatory food that helps you for reducing back pain.

  1. Seafood
  2. dark leafy vegetables
  3. nuts
  4. milk
  5. fresh fruits
  6. olives
  7. Cherry juice

It is to be noted that Cherry Juice is good for muscles. Drinking a daily glass of cherry juice helps you to relieve your back pain.

Here is a list of some foods that are not good for back pain.

  1. Alcohol
  2. chocolate
  3. spicy foods
  4. sugar
  5. bread
  6. coffee
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