Regrettable Appointments by President Buhari

by on February 18, 2018


Most of the appointments of the President Buhari administration have attracted much public opprobrium for nepotism among other things.

Perhaps none of the appointments have caused as much indignation and criticism as that of the special assistant to the President on Prosecution Chairman of Special Investigation Panel on Recovery of Public Property, Okoi Obono Obla.

In the case of Okoi Obono Obla, his crass incompetence, high-handedness and glaring irresponsibility has been such that he he had to be suspended from his position for acts bothering on contravention of established administrative procedures and protocols in the nation’s civil service structure.

Even though he was later reinstated by the administration for political purposes, his initial suspension speaks volumes of his unsuitability and non-qualification for any public office or position of responsibility.

It is also important to state that this same character was quick to come on air to defend the reinstatement of the at former Chairman of the defunct Presidential Task Force on Pension Reforms, Abdurasheed Maina on National television following his reinstatement by some powers within the administration. Maina’s reinstatement created what is perhaps biggest dent in President Buhari’s anti- corruption crusade.

Obla’s rush to defend Maina’s reinstatement is not only ridiculously unbelievable, it also did a great disservice to his employers.

Obla has also used his office as Chairman of Special Investigation Panel on Recovery of Public Property to corruptly enrich himself to the detriment of the administration’s much celebrated anti-corruption war.

In a similar vein, Obla’s flippancy and crass irresponsibility again came to the fore when he accused the Cross River state government of not paying salaries when in fact, the Governor had received an award as the most labour friendly Governor for his promptness in payment of workers’ allowances and salaries.

Obla’s penchant for loquaciousness and arbitrariness was again demonstrated when he proceeded to label certain persons in his community and Local Government Area as cultists and sponsors of secret cult activities.

One begins to wonder if as a lawyer , he understands the implications of such utterances.
It is crystal clear that Obla and his ilk represent the kind of persons who should have no business being in public office or any position of responsibility for that matter.

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