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Rejoinder: “Now That Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) Has Attacked The Police” By Mahfuz Mundadu

by on November 19, 2016

*Monkey Brain in Search of Recognition*
– Mahfuz Mundadu

For long I have been struggling to have an incontrovertible evidence of the scale and scope to which the standard of education in this once upon a great nation has fallen. In Dr. (?) Kolawole I did find an answer. An “oluwole” academician desperately courting for attention.
To be a graduate worthy of the title in any university, one needs to be found worthy in character and learning.

Kolawole seemed to be worthy of neither. To be a PhD. is, among other things, to have a near absolute command in many more attributes that include logic, objectivity and sound reasoning. A PhD thesis must have added to the existing body of knowledge for it to be worthy of the assessors’ time and attention.

More so, at this defining moment that the university lecturers are threatening to embark on a warning strike, an academician ought to have embarked on a study that shall proffer some ever lasting solutions to such an academic interlude. Yet the demons of sycophancy could not allow Kolawole to spare some thoughts on that. Instead he has chosen to be an ideological prostitute for some handouts and leftovers.

In the circumstance then, how comes a pathological liar cum a compound ignorance becomes a PhD and even granted the opportunity to pollute the fertile minds of the younger ones in an academic environment, makes any one with conscience bury his face in shock and disbelief.

Kolawole accused the Islamic Republic of Iran of being sponsor of terrorism. An allegation that he failed to support with any evidence beyond the figment of his imagination. What the Dr. (?) failed to realised is that the Islamic Republic of Iran does maintain a diplomatic ties with at least Nigerian government and the United nations were all responsible governments world wide, gather to discuss Issues of common interest. And you do not expect the whole nations that comprises those from European, Asia, Africa and the rest of the continents to provide a common platform with a nation that is truly a terrorist in conduct. So to this extent the fallacies of Dr. (?) Kolawole needs not to be probed further.

Kolawole accused the Islamic Movement in Nigeria of all sorts of lawlessness. Yet up and until this moment one of the most respected law enforcement agencies in Nigeria could not find the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, His Eminence Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky with any wrong doing. Even when the respected Sheikh filed a case seeking to enforce his fundamental human right against continued incaseration, the only explanation tendered by the Department of Security Service is that Sheikh is not under arrest or detention but in a protective custody. A terrorist does not go to a court of law to seek redress.

Kolawole made some crude and desperate attempt to portray the victims of Zaria massacre as the perpetrators of the crime. Yet Kolawole was so blinded by yesmaniac bootlicking mindset that he did threw his faculty of reasoning to the dogs, typical of a person suffering from an overdose of venom of wahhabi takfirism garnished with zionism.

Shia in Nigeria and indeed in the whole world is gaining acceptance, growing bigger and waxing stronger. So the hunting dogs of imperialism, zionism and wahhabi takfirism have every reason to be jittery. We are proudly Shia and unapologetically so. The fact that only the pathological liars of these world together with some glorified ignoramus better qualified as court jester are the sworn enemies of a belief that is founded on logic, rationality and the promotion of human and humane values give us a reason to celebrate the fact that yes we are indeed on the right track.

For over four decades that the Islamic Movement has been conducting its activities in this nation it has always been the victims of violence and repressive regimes. In spite of its numerical strength it has never contemplate taking any retaliatory measure against any of its past and present persecutors, some of whom have since been reduced to ordinary citizens without the usual office paraphernalia.

It is rather unfortunate that a person who is suppose to be a doctor of philosophy ends up writing a trash that can not earn a pass mark in philosophy 101. My sincere condolence to the siblings of education. The standard of education is falling. I dare say there is no standard for us to talk of it being falling. To the students of such an “oluwole ” PhD I dare say “alam- majare- akoba”. Śogo? Oya…kwantinu!


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  • November 19, 2016 at 10:17 am

    Your language is so coarse and crude! That speak volume of why there is so much violence from those who reason like you and those u are trying to defend. The evil that lurks in you is beyond imagination. Little wonder why satanic actions are portrayed as godly! May the almighty God help us all


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