Religion should be used to Unite Nigeria, not Destabilize – CSJET


The Centre for Social Justice, Equity and Transparency  (CSJET) has condemned what it described as the use of religion to destabilize Nigeria.

Speaking ahead of the Centre’s upcoming roundtable on The Role of Religious Leaders in Building Inter-Faith Tolerance, it’s national coordinator, Comrade Ikpa Isaac raised concern over what he termed an upsurge in inflammatory utterances around our religious  differences.

He said if not urgently addressed, the hostilities could escalate. Ikpa said this has become a national challenge that must be addressed quickly, stressing that “unguarded” utterances by religious leaders in the country, has further worsened the tension in the country.

While acknowledging that certain situations, especially the killings by alleged herdsmen across the country could have been resolved through a peaceful approach, he however said  when the atrocities were committed, the responses to them from the relevant authorities could also have been better.

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He said, “It is however worrisome that the situation has rather taken the artificial division along religious  lines to a new level. The conduct and utterances by leaders of the two dominant faiths have not done much to help  the situation but they have rather acted to worsen things in the false belief that they will garner more following the more fiery they are perceived to be.

“Unfortunately for us the larger population,  we do not have the dual nationalities that many of these preachers have,  even where we have visas to other countries we possibly do not have the means to relocate ourselves and families like the clergymen do; and we also do not have the economic resilience to weather any negative impacts that a religious crisis would have on the country like those leading us do.”

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He insisted that the realization that it is the larger population that will suffer negative consequences, has propelled his group to bring Nigerians together to stave off the looming disaster of a religious hostilities.

He said further, “The Centre for Social Justice, Equity and Transparency (CESJET) has therefore decided to hold a round table on “The Role of Religious Leaders in Building Inter-Faith Tolerance and to dissect the topic, Love Not Hate, A Symbol of Any True Religion.”

“The event will bring together a group of informed Nigerians from ten states of the federation to brainstorm on how best religious leaders can proffer solutions to Nigeria’s security, economic, social, political and other challenges without heating up the polity or inciting hatred.

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“As a guarantee that we are not asking anyone to remain sheepish in the face of existential threats and security breaches, we have invited reputable Nigerian scholars on Peace and Conflict Management from the CSOs circuit and from Nigerian universities to elaborately discuss issues of national unity and peaceful co-existence. Our hope is that resource persons and participants will do justice to the sessions at the roundtable in a way that will douse the tension in the national space,” he said.

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