Residential proxies and their benefits for social media marketing

In 2023, social media networks are the best platforms for advertising products and services. An everyday necessity for billions of web users, digital marketing campaigns keep shifting attention and resources towards Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and other platforms.

Making your presence known on social media is not an easy feat, especially for companies promoting their products. Some choose to boost visibility through paid ads, while others work on the organic growth of the company page through relevant and entertaining content.

Modern companies employ social media managers that focus on both of these strategies through the creation of valuable content, post-scheduling, and automation of other processes. One approach takes things a step further by implementing additional social media accounts to boost the activity on the main page. However, most popular networks have very strict limitations and do everything to make sure that each connection comes from a real user. Because of it, many factors can get your account flagged for suspicious activity, and bots need help from internet privacy tools to keep working and stay out of trouble.

Because of these reasons, social media managers cannot perform their duties effectively without the help of internet privacy tools. The best remedy for keeping your bots and fake accounts secure is residential proxy servers. In this article, we will discuss the role of proxies in running social media advertising campaigns. Here we explain how proxy servers work, their types, and the most important benefits for growing your social media presence. For example, some managers use dedicated datacenter proxies for cheap and fast solutions. Others focus exclusively on residential proxies for maximum secrecy. If you want more information about dedicated datacenter proxies or technical differences between available servers, check out the blog articles from Smartproxy – one of the best providers in the proxy industry.

How do proxy servers work?

Proxies are middlemen servers that take your transmitted data packets and attach a different identity profile. Once they leave the station, connection requests reach their destination under a new identity. This allows your connections to bypass blocking if the main IP gets banned, and change the approximate geolocation attached to your address. Then, even if the visited social media sites are unavailable in your country, you can always find the appropriate residential proxy server to give the connection an extra hop, which helps you adopt the chosen region.

Proxy server types

Here are the different types of proxy servers offered by the best providers:

Datacenter proxies

Cheap and fast, datacenter IPs come from servers in dedicated facilities, which makes them perfect for social media monitoring and post-scheduling. Most providers have thousands of datacenter proxy addresses at their disposal, which allows frequent swapping if one of the identities gets in trouble. 

The biggest downside for datacenter proxies is the lack of anonymity. Once the web server receives the connection request, a datacenter IP will look different than organic web traffic because these addresses are not associated with any internet service providers. Also, because they come in bulk, getting one address in trouble could ruin the reputation of the entire batch.

Residential proxies

Residential addresses are simple but powerful tools that help you blend in with real users visiting social media platforms. They hide our traffic by getting public IP addresses from devices connected to the internet. Just like any connection that can be checked on and similar websites, residential proxy addresses are affiliated with internet service providers.

While these proxy servers are slower and more expensive, they are an undisputed go-to option for data-oriented procedures: data scraping, fake account management, and other automatable tasks.

Mobile proxies

Mobile proxies are a unique variant of residential proxy servers that use IP addresses assigned by phone operators. Instead of routing the traffic through a fixed internet connection, your data packets reach the destination through a mobile network. Because mobile connections are rarely associated with bot accounts, these proxies add an extra layer of protection for automated tasks.

Proxy server benefits

Residential proxies are the best option for running social media marketing campaigns. Here are the main benefits of using these servers when growing a social media presence:

  • Ad verification. Residential proxies let you check publisher websites to make sure that the ordered ads appear in the right geolocations with proper placement to avoid ad fraud
  • Data scraping. Proxy servers let you scrape social media, search engines, and other sites without fearing IP bans. A large fleet of proxy Ips lets you use many scraping bots at the same time and perform collection tasks much faster
  • Social media management. Proxy servers let you control the flow of the content, schedule posts, and even control fake accounts to boost growth without consequences


Residential proxies are perfect complementary tools for social media advertising campaigns. They ensure that all your connections are safe and secretive – the essential qualities for performing business-oriented, data-sensitive tasks in 2023.

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