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    the APC chairman Mr oyegun….I do not recognise all the nonsense you have spoken about Buharis promise being achieved.
    I wonder whether you are in this country at all.
    you are the type of people that is making nigeria worse.if the direction nigeria is moving is progress to you then Nigeria is in trouble.
    And is for this type of hypocrisy that we the Biafrans no want to belong to a state in the verge of collapse is described as progress.
    more grease to your elbow we the Biafraid must leave nigeria. in dose not matter whether your president understand s that nigeria is not soltaped to geriatric. He signed the UN declaration on human right and self determination but does not seem to understand the implication. He also seem to confuse agitation on self determination for war.
    it is anly device intervention that will save the Zoo from disintergrateion.
    Thank you.


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