#RevolutionNow: “It’ll Only Create Another Strong Man” — Twitter User Calls For Caution Ahead Of October 1 Protest

by on September 25, 2020

With the #RevolutionNow protest against insecurity, extrajudicial killings, abuse of human rights, bad governance and other induced social and economic hardship on October 1, a twitter user has kicked against the movement.

According to @novieverest, the protest will “only create another strong man, strong men.”

He said: “Have there ever been a time that toppling a government yielded good fruits? NO.

“Kaduna Nzeogu had good intentions but it brought terrible results. Buhari in 1983 claimed corruption, the coup set us way back. You can go on and on.

“The best way of development is from peaceful Transition. I like Sowore’s love and passion for a better Nigeria, but zeal isn’t good enough. Wisdom is necessary.

“Protest I stand for is Electoral Act Bill to be passed. We should be able to choose peacefully our leaders. So the likes of Sowore, Peter Obi, Makinde can contest Elections and be victorious.

“So we can tell our leaders in National Assembly to do constitution amendment and our input will be seen on this amendments.

“Believe me, toppling a government won’t solve or stop your suffering. It will only create another strong man, strong men Don’t build great nations. They only do things for themselves.

“Ask questions so you don’t get used a second time.”

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