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Rise Up Against Insecurity, David Mark Urges Nigerians

by on March 21, 2016
Former Senate Presi­dent David Mark has appealed to Ni­gerians to rise up against the insecurity in the land in order to stop the need­less killings of country men and women.
Mark noted that al­though insecurity had taken a global trend, Ni­geria cannot afford to allow the challenges de­generate further to an in­tolerable level.
Speaking at the week­end in Ogume, Delta State when he bagged a Doctorate Degree on In­telligence and Security Studies (Honoris Causa) from Novena University at the institution’s con­vocation, Mark said it was sad that hundreds of thousands of lives had been lost to conflicts and insurgency.
He regretted that “pro­ductive men and women who should ordinar­ily contribute to national development have been needlessly wasted. That is why we must all rise up to say enough is enough.”
The university also es­tablished a new faculty named Senator David Mark Centre for Intelli­gence and Security stud­ies to study issues relating to insecurity and con­flicts.
He was pleased with the establishment of the Intelligence and Security studies faculty named after him and requested that higher premium be placed on strategic re­search that will provide better understanding and knowledge of the security challenges facing the na­tion today.

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  • Freeman
    March 21, 2016 at 2:17 pm

    praise God! Mark has finally realized that there is insecurity in Nigeria. When the other groups were killed under Jonathan and you as Sen Pres it was a normal thing. Now you can mobilize against insecurity, Agatu is involved. Try to have conscience always pls.


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