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Rivers APC Refutes PDP’s Accusation of masterminding the arrests of Kenneth kobani, others

by on March 20, 2016


… Denies being quiet about the collation of results

Why should we mastermind the arrest of Kobani? What is his political relevance? Does his position as SSG place him above the law? Are we the one that asked him to be lawless that warranted his arrest?

We as a political party are orderly and decent group that wants the best for Rivers State. Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi who is a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was directed by the DIG Police to vote and leave to his residence and he complied then who is Kobani to be moving around intimidating voters in polling units that he does not belong to? Is it because he belongs to PDP that makes him to be above the law? He contravened the law and must face the music not minding the rattling of PDP

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Maybe very soon they will accuse us of planting the N40M, Arms, Police and Army Uniforms in the car of  Mr. Cyril Dum Wite, S.A to Gov Nyesom Wike on Special Projects that led to his arrest. Look at the embarrassment and national shame that Wike and PDP have brought to the State for the few months they hold sway in the State. Today we are looked upon as barbarians that behead and burn fellow human beings as if they are goats.

On collation of results, we need not exchange words with PDP all the time on issues that are very clear to the public. We all know that PDP in Rivers State is a lawless society that believes in the manipulation of electoral results and that is why the court could nullify almost all their 2015 electoral victories.  We have seen all the fake results they have continued to dish out to the public through the Social Media but to us we can only wait for the results announced by INEC before we can make any comment. We are not lawless like PDP to manipulate any result so we urge the general public to discard the fake results being presented by PDP and wait for INEC official results. .

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PDP said that they want election! They have had the election and should accept their fates and face the wrath of the law for being a lawless society

Finally, we have no hand in either the arrests of Kobani, Wite or beating of Roseline Konya

Chf. Eze Chuckwuemeka Eze
SSA Media to RS APC Chairman, Dr Davies Ikanya

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