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    Did i hear you say Olaka Nwogu of PDP has withdrawn and backs APieces?If so, why are you wasting time and sweating luring people to vote for Abe?APC(Association of political criminals),liers,no amount of lies make them win in rivers,we Ogoni’s have rejected Abe for a long time,he cannot even win in his polling unit.We cannot be deceived again by Flagging off Ogoni cleanup in which nothing has been done even using broom to sweep a street in Ogoniland.APC are already urinating on their pants cos no way for them look at what Governor WIKE is doing in Ogoniland and Rivers on the whole.My advise for Abe is to forget about rivers south east and wait Buhari apointment if there will be any or use and trick them as he always does.

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    Comment…who paid u to write this. apc will never win in river.I am in Edo State they never won Edo election.

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    GOD WILL TAKE CONTROL.His Will will be done

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    APC for live if wike like or not na APC go rule stop dis ur fake flag off of road every day noise maker like wike


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