Roberto Carlos’ short career in the Indian championship

Roberto Carlos is one of the best left defenders in the history of soccer. At the end of his career, he accepted a new challenge and moved to the Indian Championship. By the way, best sports news online – 1xnews is the place where the confrontations from the world of this tournament are covered.

So, in 2015, Carlos signed a short-term contract with the club “Odisha”. Initially, it was clear that this partnership was unlikely to last long, because the player was 42 years old at the time. Everything turned out like this, the Brazilian played only 3 matches in the new team. However, it was enough to attract the attention of the club.

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After a not so good performance in India, Roberto Carlos ended his professional career. He may not have played many matches in the Super League, but he definitely helped popularize this championship.

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Returning to the figure of Roberto Carlos, it may be noted that his presence in the team was short, but memorable. By the mere fact of his appearance, the player drew the attention of a wide audience to the championship

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How to evaluate the Brazilian’s career in India?

Obviously, it is difficult to call Roberto Carlos’ career in India successful from a soccer point of view alone. But it is unlikely that the 42-year-old player was expected to do great things on the field. By the way, it’s easy to follow the current championship matches in a reliable company. Also open – your betting prediction cricket will be available here.

Going back to Roberto Carlos, his move was a good decision due to:

  • increased marketing appeal of the championship;
  • the opportunity for young players to learn from such a famous player;
  • the improvement of the attendance of the games of the club “Odisha”.

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