Rumors of Robert Mugabe’s Death gains mileage

by on March 10, 2017

The rumour has been swirling on social media about the 93-year-old dictator’s demise since early this evening.

And a number of websites shared the so-called “news” to Twitter.

Many online users were quick to jump on the announcement and question the details.

One person tweeted: “If Mugabe really is dead I’m gonna do a little dance.”

Another wrote: “Is it true MUGABE is dead ???”

Other than social media rumours though, there is no other evidence Mugabe has died.

The Zimbabwean government was forced to deny the same claim a year ago.

Presidential spokesperson George Caramba denied he was in ill health.

It came after publication ZimEye claimed he had suffered a heart attack while on holiday in Singapore.

Mugabe is the oldest President in the world and plans to lead for even longer, stating he wants another five-year term in 2018.

It comes after South African news networks reported a cleric is due in court for predicted Mugabe’s death.

Remnant Church official Patrick Philip Mugadza made a prophecy that he would die this year on October 17.

“According to the court papers, on January 12 this year, Mugadza was interviewed by the Zimbabwe Mail, an online publication, and the State alleges he caused to be published a story captioned, Pastor Mugadza says President Mugabe to die in October 2017, which appeared on the same publication on January 13 this year,” Newsday reported.

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