Russia Accuses Germany Of Stalling Efforts Towards Navalny’s Probe

by on September 6, 2020

Russia have criticized Germany of continuously hindering efforts that will allow investigations into the poisoning of Anti-Corruption campaigner and Politician, Alexei Navalny.

Navalny who has since been ill was believed to have been poisoned using Novichok and is receiving treatment at a Siberian hospital before his transfer to Berlin.

This came right after Berlin charged Moscow to explain in details how the politician was poisoned or risk sanctions.

The Spokeswoman, Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova chided the German authorities for neglecting request made by Russian prosecutors to probe further the incident.

She responded to comment made by German Foreign Minister, Heiko Mass who demanded that Russia give account of what happened to Navalny, by saying Germany are not entirely sincere in its dealings.

In her words, “Germany if at all honest with its statements, should have answered to request made by Russian prosecutors. We are not entirely sure of their stand in the matter”.

Germany who before now demanded answers and said it looks forward to imposing sanctions on Russia except answers are provided soon, added that there were indisputable evidences that Novichok was used in Navalny’s poisoning.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov earlier stated that Russia had no skeleton in their cupboard concerning the poisoning, saying that Russian doctors found no proof that Navalny was poisoned.

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