Russia’s Opposition Leader, Nalvany Accuses President Putin Of Being Behind His Poisoning

by on October 2, 2020

Opposition Leader, Alexei Navalny who is recovering in Germany following the nerve agent poison given to him in Russia, stated recently that only Russian President, Vladimir Putin could be held responsible for his poisoning.

His supporters believed strongly that the poison came from nowhere else other than one coming from the top.

Nalvany a strong critic of President Putin, after the poisoning he suffered in Russia, was flown to Germany and spent 32 days in the hospital before Doctors finally saw improvement in his condition and agreed to discharge him.

Nalvany has since been commenting online even while in the hospital bed, in his first interview, he alleged that President Putin was behind the crime.

“I don’t have any other explanation for the incident that happened.

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He continued that the substance used in his poisoning could only be ordered by Russian’s Military or foreign intelligence agencies, adding that making a decision like that could only be authorized by President Putin.

The Kremlin however stated that the accusations against the President are unacceptable and meaningless.

They added that he was working closely with top CIA officials.

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