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by on March 9, 2016

And Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development


The twenty-first piece in the #SaatahBudgetSeries will take a look at the Niger Delta Ministry and the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development. I should be enthusiastic about this write-up since I am from the Niger Delta, but I have been drained of even the minutest of optimism and fervour, that the only reason why I am still going through the 2016 budget document is so I can get done with it and get my sanity back.

The Federal Ministry of Niger Delta has just one agency under it, and that is the Niger Delta Development Commission. Now, let us see the absurd provisions in this ministry’s budget.


The Niger Delta Ministry has a total budget of 67,382,596,554; 43,100,935,865 is for “Recurrent Expenditure,” while 24,281,660,689 is for “Capital Expenditure.”

I think it is sensible for us to first talk about the budget for the Niger Delta Development Commission, since it does not have much to focus on.

The Niger Delta Development Commission has a total budget of 41,050,000,000, and all 41,050,000,000 is budgeted for “Recurrent Expenditure,” “Salaries and Wages” to be precise.

Since we are done with the Niger Delta Development Commission, we can now proceed with the budget for the Federal Ministry of Niger Delta.

I will begin with the “Honorarium/Sitting Allowance” or the Niger Delta Ministry that is put at 15,582,431. For comparative analysis, the Office of the Vice President has an “Honorarium/Sitting Allowance” budget of 9,813,643.

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The 8,895,608 budgeted by the Niger Delta Ministry for “Books,” as meagre as it looks, is almost double what all twenty five of our Polytechnics will spend on “Books” in 2016.

The Federal Ministry of Niger Delta has also followed in the footsteps of other ministries by budgeting an outrageous amount for “Research and Development,” 2,392,456,352.

We can nickname the budget of the Niger Delta Ministry the “Consultancy and Design Budget.” There are twenty “Consultancy and Design” project in the budget of the Niger Delta Ministry totalling a humongous 2,235,365,157. You can only imagine how much it will cost to execute these projects when the time comes.

There is an item called “Council of Niger Delta,” and 300,000,000 is appropriated for it.


The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development has five agencies/institutions under it. Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development HQTRS, Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre, National Youth Service Corps, Nigeria Football Federation, and the Nigeria Institute for Sports are the agencies/institution under this ministry.

The total budget for the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development is 75,476,387,061; 70,816,387,061 is for “Recurrent Expenditure,” while 4,660,000,000 is for “Capital Expenditure.”

The Youth and Sports Development Ministry budgeted 27,798,124 for “Local Training,” while the amount budgeted for transportation for this training is 47,369,208. There is also a provision for transportation for an “International Training,” 12,749,191 but there is no provision in the budget for the” International Training.”

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There are three provisions for the “Purchase of Office Furniture and Fittings,” and they are allocated 38,257,300, 181,701,880 and 29,400,000 respectively. We also have two provisions for “Purchase of Library Books and Equipment,” allocated 26,060,500 and 11,764,000 respectively. If we add the allocations for books for the Youth and Sport Ministry, we will get 37,824,500, which is more than what sixty two of our tertiary institutions will spend on books combined; thirty seven Federal Universities, and twenty five Federal Polytechnics.

The Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre has a “Capital Expenditure” of 74,876,501, and it is broken down as follows; 23,958,000 for the “Construction/Provision of Housing,” 35,462,881 for the “Construction/Provision of Libraries,” and yet another 15,455,620 for the “Construction/Provision of Housing.” I want you to go through the name of this institution again, compare it with their capital budget and how it will be spent, and then conclude.

The people who drafted the budget of the National Youth Service Corps are wonderful. They budgeted 16,210,297 for transportation for “Local Training,” and 11,210,297for transportation for “International Training.” The issue here is that both the “Local” and “International” trainings are not budgeted for. So what are they transporting themselves for?

The National Youth Service Corps budgeted 1,731,050,000 for the “Kitting of Armed Forces Personnel.” What I want to understand here is if the armed forces they plan to “Kit” are not a part of the armed forced the Nigerian Army budgeted 2,000,000,000 to “Kit.” If the thought that comes to your mind is something like “Maybe it is for the corps members,” then what if I tell you that there is a provision for “Corps Members Kitting, Transport and Feeding Allowance,” and 7,040,018,301 is budgeted for it. It is either the National Youth Service Corps have their own special “Armed forces,” which is illegal and  treasonable, or someone somewhere is corruptly enriching him or herself to the tune of billions of Naira.

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Ok, the Nigerian Football Federation did something different. They budgeted 1,519,222 for “International Training,” but did not budget for transportation for the international training. How do they plan to travel for this “International Training?” Is it true that Amaju Pinnick, the Nigeria Football Federation President is from Edo State? This question has nothing to do with my earlier question of how they plan to travel for their “International Training.”

We have come to the end of the twenty-first part of my budget analysis series.

There is a provision for “1st Lady’s Reception of Baby of the Year,” and 5,000,000 is budgeted for it. In as much as I tried not to laugh while reading this particular provision, I urge you to laugh, because as the Nigerian economy deteriorates, so will our sense of humour. Have a wonderful day!

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