SALLAH SHOCKER | I Inherited Zero from PDP – Buhari

by on September 13, 2016
President Muhammadu Bu­hari has again reviewed the 16-year administra­tion of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and declared that he inherited nothing from the party.
He said that both the treas­ury and other sectors of the econ­omy were in shambles when he assumed office on May 29, 2016.
Buhari said that despite the deplorable state of the economy, all patriotic Nigerians will reap from his ongoing reforms, add­ing that they have nothing to fear in the fight against corruption as he will always ensure justice and fairness to all concerned.
The President spoke to journalists on Monday after attending prayers to mark the Eid-el-Kabir celebrations in his hometown, Daura, Katsina State where he is observing this year’s Eid holidays.
Buhari vowed that those who abuse public trust would face justice, in addition to returning their stolen assets to the nation’s cof­fers.
He thanked Nigerians for supporting the Federal Govern­ment’s policies, programmes and actions aimed at improving secu­rity, revamping the economy and curbing corruption.
The President expressed en­thusiasm on the prospects of sufficient food for the rest of the year, saying: “We should thank God for this year; the report I’m getting, which is very pleasing, is that we will have a bumper harvest.”
On other national issues, he said: “I want Nigerians to real­ise that what this government inherited after 16 years of the PDP government was no sav­ings, no infrastructure, no pow­er, no rail, no road and no se­curity.
“Nigerians can see what we have done on the Boko Har­am insurgents and what we are doing to resolve the problem in the Niger Delta.
“Before the elections, we identified three major problems confronting our country. The first is security; we need to sufficient­ly secure our country to man­age it well.
“The second is the econ­omy, especially jobs for the youths and fighting corruption which is continuous.
“For the youths, graduates and non-graduates who are interested in agriculture, the Federal Ministry of Agricul­ture and Rural Development, in collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is doing something to provide employ­ment for them,” he said.
The President is expected back in Abuja after the two-day public holidays today.

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  • Okpe Jeff
    September 13, 2016 at 11:07 am

    Comment…We to u hav something to offer old man, little dd we know dat senility dementia has affected your brain,
    Remind dat ear problem you went abroad to treat, l can see, it has affected your ability to listen to advice as well.
    Pls leave ds country b4 you destroy it.
    Ever since you got in to power, it has been:buck passing, abuse of fundamental human rights , nepotism, herdsmen brutality, inconclusive elections and rigging, selective prosecution, personal vendetta against percieved political opponent, enemies and critics.
    You are nothin less than modern tyranny.
    May deliver us from you .
    We were far better off before you came into power
    Free n fare election brought you into power, l here challenge you to conduct free n fare election Mr president


  • September 13, 2016 at 1:41 pm

    Nigerians are aware of ur Islamic agenda.You have failed your Sharia, which cannot rise again but meet it dead end in Nigeria . God is supreme, you cannot fight God or take his glory. Jesus be praised forever.Amen


  • September 13, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    why depend on an unavailable inheritance to rule, when u have all it takes; d time, money recovered, authority , position, national powers, resources both human & natural and so on to create the wealth you need. but your still complaining.
    No wonder Patience Jonathan said Nigerians should not vote for a man with a dead brain .


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