Sepp Blatter and FIFA: Far Beyond Corruption

by on August 13, 2015

By Menkiti Onyebuchi Bernie

My mentor and good friend, Engineer Edwin Akabuilo wrote in ink that “sometimes it is very difficult to be a critical thinker in the Age of deception.” His deep revelation was engineered by bad conditions but it struck me for good conditions. I believed he wouldn’t have said the same if he had lived in the time of Metusellah. It was upon philosophical reflection that I was baptised in the sea of reality, and then began to see things differently, or better still his way (Engr Akabuilo’s way). That age of deception lives with us, within us, and pervades all corners of the earth, from human relations to interaction among countries, political groups, governmental groups, non-governmental groups, social groups et al.

Ours is an era of no love, and one full of battles of means and ends. A machiavellian world if you like or a leviathan if you love. A path where partners part in bad blood, beating drums of war in covert version; deception the new fashion among us. In this part of the world we rarely understand the web that has been weaved around us. Instead of standing against mental slavery we pitch tent in a seemingly palliative measure screaming “I am not part of it” like those world who sat on the fence as non-aligned nation in the cold war era.

Those among us who are wet behind the ears would find it difficult to decipher the nexus between the cold war debris and the recent FIFA corruption scandal. In other-words it is apt to say that the Russo-West sour relations is the catalyst behind the recent but last surge or what is called in Spanish “cafe con leche” to unseat Sepp Blatter from the exalted seat of power and prestige. Yes “seat of power and prestige because of FIFA’s strategic importance to world politics. The Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) has 209 members, even more than the United Nations. It also has an enormous wealth running into an excess of $13 billion dollars annually. It controls over 45% of media coverage worldwide through its affiliates (aside in the months of the Olympics). Its power sees not to run dry, rather it has grown from strength to strength under Blatter.

However my right to establish that the war on Blatter was a witch hunt by the West against a man perceived to have demystified Western domination of football activities does not exonerate corruption. Therefore this is not to say that there was no corruption in FIFA, rather it is my opinion that the corruption so talked about is very well known to MI6, KGB and FBI long before now. M16, KGB and FBI are secret service arms of the United Kingdom, Russia and United states. The West through UEFA have watched helplessly as Blatter continued to give the so called third world (who before his coming were believed to lack the infrastructural tent and human capacity) opportunities to host the world. Though it has been seen to have been done in wrong ways, like it is said there is no wrong way of doing right ceteris paribus.

What then was FBI looking for in FIFA? The United States is not widely known as a football nation but may be said to have shown keen interest in joining the football global players. It is for truth to say that the FBI acted in British interest. The Anglo-American cold war pact an offshoot of NATO was rekindled when Britain lost the 2018 world cup bidding host to Russia and the US lost the 2022 bid to Qatar. It was Blatter’s last straw. He couldn’t get it across to the camel’s back. What in hell peeved the west was Britain’s loss to Russia. If it was to any other nation, it would be taken in stride. But Russia! No, not at all. To the west Vladimir Putin is unarguably a leader of ruthless moral who needs to watch closely. The allegations against FIFA is an allegation against Blatter and Russia.

“You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it”, said Morpheus. What more can I say. Corruption is the palpable truth, underneath is the hermetical truth. Among Anglo-saxon’s the inquiry is to protect the heart of FIFA’s moto “for the love of the game”. I knew that Sepp Blatter’s days were numbered when it first was that the Russia got the nod to host the 2018 world cup ahead of the English, and Qatar ahead of the US. Clad in a wrapper needed to retire to bed my fears turned a wrap. Sepp Blatter caved in, his era in FIFA capsized to the vagaries of western conspiracy.

About Menkiti Onyebuchi Bernie:

He is a PR expert, social commentator and the Nigeria coordinator of My Footprint (Small World) Project operating in Nigeria and Switzerland. He wrote in from Lagos.


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