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    Here is another show of the altitude of wretchedness in tthe Nigerian system, particularly amidst the the political class. How can we have things right? or even venture to rid the country of the wrong order of things, when the whole system is in a derelicting state. What a height of insensitivity, indifference, and injustice of it utmost degree done against Nigerians? That sanators (people empowered by the people for the sole purpose of representing it interests) are in each months going home with an exorbitant sum of 13.5 million as a running cost, and that precludes their salary, 750,000 and constituency project fund which makes up 300 million while Nigerians, are battling getting a meal on their table for the day. Worst of this matter has been that funds as alleged for constituency developments scarcely win even a single project for the intended areas. This instead of bridging the line between the rich nd poor has set a platform where the rich only get richer and the poor growing poorer. It therefore become important that the high cost of governance in the country should without delay be dealt with thoroughly. And the sur amounts should go for the empowerment of common Nigerians. Right groups, NGOs and other civil establishments, the time is here when u will lead in the sruggle for justice,equity, and economic stability between the governing and the governed.


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