Skyrim Mods Not Showing Up in Load Order Xbox One | How To Resolve it

There is no doubt that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has captured the imaginations of players across the world with its expansive open-world, captivating quests, and wide range of possibilities.

One of the key factors that have contributed to its long-lasting success is the active modding community. With the help of mods, the game can be transformed, presenting new content, improved visuals, and exciting gameplay features.

Even though modding on the Xbox One can be a rewarding experience, it can also be frustrating when mods are not loaded correctly, leading to conflicts and problems.

Using this article, players will be able to resolve these load order problems, providing detailed steps to ensure a smooth and enjoyable modding experience.

Reasons of Skyrim Mods is Not Showing Up

The following reasons may be responsible for Skyrim Mods not working in the Xbox One load order:

Incorrect Installation

  • Make sure you have installed the mods properly via the Xbox One modding platform or through a third-party tool such as
  • Ensure that the mods have been downloaded and installed successfully without any errors

Load Order Conflict

  • Several mods might conflict with one another, resulting in some mods not appearing or functioning properly
  • Ensure that you review the mod descriptions for any known conflicts and follow the recommended loading order provided by the mod authors

Load Order Cap

  • On Xbox One, you are limited to the number of mods you can install in your load order. Depending on the amount of time you exceed this limit, some mods may not appear or may not work properly
  • If you want to make space for the mods you would like to use, you may want to remove less essential or conflicting mods

Missing Dependencies

  • The proper functioning of some mods requires specific files or other mods as dependencies
  • Make sure that any listed dependencies are also installed in the order specified in the mod description

Outdated Mods

  • In some cases, mods that have not been updated to the latest version of the game can cause problems and fail to load
  • When a mod hasn’t been updated in a while, check for updates or find an alternative

Incorrect Load Order Position

  • The position of the mods in the load order matters. If a mod is placed in the wrong position, it may cause conflicts or prevent it from appearing
  • Make use of the guidelines provided by mod authors or modding communities in order to arrange your mods strategically

Save File Corruption

  • There are rare instances in which a corrupted save file may prevent mods from showing correctly
  • Ensure that you create a new save and test the mods in a clean environment in order to rule out any issues related to the save file

Skyrim ModsHow to Resolve This Issue?

There are several methods in order to resolve the Skyrim mods is not showing, and some of them are discussed below:

Disable All Mods

  • Click on the “Mods” tab in the Skyrim main menu
  • In order to ensure that you start with a clean slate, select “Disable All Mods”

Sort Mods into Categories

  • Keep a record of the mods that you have previously installed or plan to install
  • Make sure they are grouped into categories such as “Quest Mods,” “Visual Enhancements,” and “Gameplay Tweaks”
  • The organization will assist you in identifying potential conflicts more effectively

Read Mod Descriptions

  • Make sure you read the descriptions of each mod before installing it
  • Check for compatibility information and load order recommendations, as well as any specific instructions provided by the mod authors
  • Ensure that any dependencies or patches required for compatibility are noted

Update Mods

  • Make sure all your mods are compatible with the latest version of Skyrim by checking for updates
  • When mods are no longer updated or supported, you may want to consider alternative mods that serve the same function

Stay Within Load Order Limit

  • Ensure you are aware of the maximum number of mods you may load into your load order on Xbox One (usually 150)
  • Some mods may fail to appear or function correctly if you exceed this limit
  • Remove less essential or conflicting mods to free up space for those you intend to use

Install Dependencies

  • If a mod requires additional files or other mods in order to function correctly, ensure those dependencies have been installed
  • If any supporting mods or files are required, please read the description of the mod

Arrange Load Order

  • Make sure that you organize your mods logically according to their categories and any load order recommendations provided by the mod authors
  • To avoid conflict, it is recommended to load mods that affect similar aspects of the game after each other
  • For example, visual enhancement mods should be loaded after gameplay tweak mods

Test with a New Save

  • To test your mod setup, create a new game save
  • Test a few mods one at a time to see if they are working as intended and if any issues have arisen
  • To identify any potential conflicts, gradually add more mods and test them individually.

Troubleshoot Conflicts

  • To isolate the conflicting mod, disable them one by one if you encounter any issues
  • Using a compatibility patch or alternative mod may resolve the conflict
  • Be aware of known conflicts and their resolutions in mod descriptions and community forums

Use Mod Organizer (optional, for PC players)

  • Using a mod manager program, such as “Mod Organizer 2,” is a good idea if you are playing Skyrim on a PC
  • By using this tool, you are able to easily adjust the load order and resolve conflicts between mods more effectively

Research Before Downloading

  • Research the features, compatibility, and whether a mod contains that delightful MCM we mentioned earlier before downloading it

    FNIS and Skyproc Unleashed

    • The key to mastering the art of modding is familiarizing yourself with Skyproc and FNIS
    • To unlock the full potential of your mods, you will need to use these programs
    • Although they might seem intimidating at first, trust us, they are well worth the effort

Seek Community Help

  • If you are still experiencing load order issues or encountering complex conflicts, you should seek assistance from the modding community
  • If you are looking for advice and assistance from experienced modders, you should join forums, subreddits, or other online communities

Following these detailed steps, and being diligent in managing your load order, will help you solve Skyrim mod load order issues and create an immersive and enjoyable modded experience on Xbox One.


Using the modding options available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, players can enhance their gaming experience to the fullest extent possible. With new quests, visual enhancements, and gameplay tweaks, mods offer a treasure trove of content.

Using the step-by-step instructions in this article, players can troubleshoot and resolve issues related to Skyrim mods not appearing properly on Xbox One.

There are many ways that players can overcome challenges, such as checking for correct installation and dependencies, studying load order limits, and using mod organizer tools.

Using the right approach, your modded Skyrim adventure will rival the most legendary Dragonborn tales!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install mods on Xbox One for Skyrim?

To install mods on Xbox One for Skyrim, follow these steps:


  • To access the main menu, launch Skyrim
  • Select “Mods” to view the available mods on
  • Select the mod you want to install
  • To add the mod to your library, click “Download”
  • Upon downloading, go to the “Mods” menu, find the mod in your library, and enable it
  • Ensure that the mods are loaded in the correct order to avoid conflicts

What should I do if a mod is not working in my game?

If a mod is not working correctly in your game, try the following:


  • Install the mod correctly and enable it in the load order
  • Ensure that all mod requirements and dependencies are installed
  • Check the mod description and the author’s troubleshooting instructions
  • Test the problematic mod against a new save if you have many mods installed
  • Visit the forums or online communities of the modding community for assistance

Can I use mods on Xbox One without affecting my game saves?

Yes, mods can be used on Xbox One without affecting your existing game saves. Before testing mods, create a new save before testing, as some mods may have unexpected effects on your game or cause conflicts.

How do I resolve conflicts between mods in my load order?

Resolving conflicts between mods can be complex. Here are some tips:


  • Check the mod descriptions for known conflicts and compatibility issues
  • Ensure that mods that affect similar aspects of the game are loaded in the correct order
  • Make use of mod organizer tools in order to manage the load order more effectively
  • To resolve the conflict, disable mods one by one to identify which mods are conflicting and look for compatibility patches or alternative mods

Are there any risks to using mods on Xbox One?

While modding on Xbox One is generally safe, there are some risks to be aware of:


  • Mods that are incompatible with each other may cause glitches or crashes
  • Too many mods can cause your console to run slowly and strain its resources
  • If a mod is poorly made or outdated, your game may be affected
  • Make sure you back up your game saves before installing any new mods in order to prevent potential corruption of your files
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