South African Court Orders Suspension Of Soldiers Over Man’s Death During Lockdown

by on May 16, 2020

The South African high court has ordered the suspension of soldiers accused of beating a man to death during the lockdown.

The casualty, Mr. Collins Khosa died on April 10 in the township of Alexandra.

The Judge, Hans Fabricius ruled that the right to freedom and security may not be derogated even under a state of emergency.

The ruling also stated that every member of the South African National Defense Force ( SANDF) around the victim’s home during his death should be placed on suspension.

He also urged the SANDF and the police to bring up codes of conduct for a state of emergency and provide awareness campaigns to the public talking about circumstances use of force may be needed and how the Public can address complaints.

The family of the victim, through their Lawyer told the Judge that Mr. Khosa was eating at home and beaten by the forces after soldiers saw what they assumed was a cup of alcohol in his yard.

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Alcohol sales were banned during the lockdown.

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