SSS Seizes @Mochievous’s International Passport… She Is Barred From Travelling Out


Officials of the State Security Service, (SSS), have seized the travelling documents of a civil rights activist, @Mochievous, on Sunday, as she was stopped from leaving the country for a short birthday holiday.

BREAKINGTIMES learnt that they still have custody of her passport and haven’t told her yet what her crime is.

Meanwhile a twitter user, @AbdulMahmud01 has condemned the seizure describing it as illegal and unconstitutional.

He said the SSS has no powers under the Passport ( Miscellaneous Provisions) Act to seize citizens’ passports, adding that “only the Minister of Interior has the power to seize passports and whenever he does the exercise of that power must be gazetted. That power cannot be delegated.”

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He tweeted:

“Just read on my TL that the international passport of @Mochievous has been seized, ostensibly by the SSS.

“Another illegality by a government that has no respect for citizens’ rights

“The SSS has no powers under the Passport ( Miscellaneous Provisions) Act to seize citizens’ passports. Section 5(2) of the Act is very clear

“The Supreme Court, far back as 1999, took a dim view of the rascality of the SSS and declared in Director SSS v Agbakoba that the SSS had no power to seize the passport of a citizen

“I am satisfied that the official of the SSS concerned in this case had no power to impound or withdraw the respondent’s passport in the manner he did. The impounding was, therefore, unconstitutional”- Uwais CJN, Director SSS v Agbakoba

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“I condemn the seizure – a hark to the dark years of military dictatorship- of @Mochievous’ passport. The seizure is illegal and unconstitutional”

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