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    bomboy ugbor

    Som Pple Dnt Seem To Undstnd Life Mysteries Nd Needed Enlightenment. Forced Mariage Is Slavery Nd Goes Wt A Lot Of Problem. Y Cant Dey Take A Glance At A Real Forced Mariage Nd Found Out D Problems Associated With It? Is Nigeria Any Beter. A Group Says I Want To Go Nd Anoda Says No We Must Remain Together. Nawao! With Time, We Will All Kno D Consequences Of Forcing Pple Against There Will. Perhaps, Nigeria May Learn D Hard Way Dis Time

  2. 2


    Comment…osuofia you have said it all. we need courageous people like you who will stand for the truth and not those political jobbers that gate scratch at the aso rock in the name of governors and thought leaders from the south and betray their people. The truth is that in all ramifications, the south especially the south east and south south have nothing in common with these northerners. It is just like a mixture of oil and water and it can never work. It is better we peacefully divide the nation.

  3. 3

    Abubakar lawan

    that’s nonsense negative thinking

    1. 3.1


      @Abubakar lawan u are the one who
      Sound nonsensical.

    2. 3.2

      Anyanwu S

      Comment…Abubakar ur are stupid boy do u think lgbo’s there like northern

  4. 4


    ur there my dear .Osofia carri go

  5. 5


    Now that the generality of the people of Nigeria especially those from the south are clamouring for dialogue and/or restructuring of the country, I think the Ibos should give it a try. If that fails then they can go ahead with their demand for Biafra

    1. 5.1


      I think people like Evans, vampire all the top criminals in nigeria are from biafra, so if they go the rate of crime will come to an end

    2. 5.2


      There is no need for restructuring, since the RRR by Gordon did not work, is it now that it will work? No, Hence allow both parties to separate their ways so as to stop the killings and agitation. Book haram stopped as President Goodluck went down that was their agitation so Biafra will stop agitation if referendum is conducted and they are allowed to be and stop the harassment from Nigeria police and other forces. They are instrument of intimidation by Nothernans via Britain against Igbo.

  6. 6


    Comment…this isn’t an industry where usofia will display his pretence, NIGERIA is too big for him to toy with, i spell nigeria in capital letter to enable him read it very well

  7. 7


    Absolutely nonsense..

  8. 8


    Dont gamble this, but if u do it will backfire…

  9. 9


    Comment…All the leaders that saying we are one Nigeria none of them their children in Nigeria if ever their children mentioned come to Nigeria they will shout at them do u want to die .pls let the youth make their new
    bright life .let Nigeria divided or restructured so peace will rain forever

  10. 10

    Theophilus egbe

    Biafsa must stand! And dis is d real time, God is with Nnamdi kalu.. and 2 crown it all, biafra pounds is in circulation in most African coutries. therefore we are gain ground!

  11. 11


    Comment…Osofia was not sleeping but dreaming of what that not happen at all…


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