Stigmatization: I Wonder Why Women Have To Jump Hurdles To Buy Contraceptives! — Aproko Doctor

by on May 25, 2020

Media influencer, Chinonso Egemba, popularly known as Aproko doctor introduced a thread on Twitter, leaving room for his followers to discuss how the purchase and use of contraceptives are still taboo topics in the 21st century.

The stigmatization has made individuals resort to very inconveniencing measures in a bid to purchase these contraceptives whilst preserving their dignity.

There are stories of how parents use scare tactics such as “If you have sex, you will get pregnant and die,” to scare young people into abstaining from sex. This in its part has played its role in aiding the stigmatization associated with being identified with sexually related acts.

Our society and various religions frown against premarital sex. These teachings and values have left many young ladies and men who engage in such acts, do so ensuring their tracks are properly covered. Therefore going out to buy contraceptives, defeat their aim of concealing their private lives from the public.

Upon getting married, some find it difficult to settle into the new reality of general acceptability. Walking into hospitals or consulting professionals on problems that abound in their sex lives proves difficult neither do they feel at ease walking into nearby pharmacies to purchase contraceptives which aids birth control.

In some cases, individuals resort to ingesting what they understand to be ” convenient alternatives” to these contraceptives which most times are not as effective as the medically prescribed ones or even risky to their healths.

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There is also the school of thought that “a woman should not carry condoms because it’s not ladylike.” For boys, it’s like a right of passage to purchase packs of condoms. Boys are celebrated for making the safe move of taking proper precautions to prevent pregnancy, but not girls.

Aproko doctor revealed one of the inconvenient measures taken by one of his female followers to purchase contraceptives.

He tweeted:

“Here’s a story in my inbox today. We’ll call it #MyFPStory. She has to go to a different pharmacy every 6 months.

“I wonder why women have to jump hurdles to buy contraceptives! It should not be so! If you have such stories you can’t share on the TL send to my inbox.”

Confirming the stigmatization associated with purchasing contraceptives, some of his followers had opinions of theirs.

See below some reactions.

“Society/Indoctrination/Shame culture. It may surprise you to know that some of these pharmacists don’t even care. They sell, so they expect that you buy. But after years of shoving chastity and purity down our throats, it only natural to feel ashamed when we derail.”

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“Well, you wont blame her, we’re very judgemental in naija…I used to be in that shoe. Now I no send ooo”

“They won’t help you feed a baby when you have one so their hypocritical look shouldn’t deter you from buying condoms or preventive drugs.”

“Sometimes to avoid these things we should stop minding what people will say or think, people are ready to drive you nut if care is not taken. Be bold stop taking shits.”

“It is a very sad situation. I think this is where partner support comes in. The partner should be able to buy her P2 if he wouldn’t use a condom. I have visited a facility where i backstop and i saw a nurse abusing a lady in the FP unit, when she asked for condom.”

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Contraceptives should be available to anyone who wants to prevent pregnancy, and it comes in many different forms: medications, procedures, devices, and behaviors.

What is important is that you find the contraceptive option that works best for you, and ignore the unsolicited perspectives of others who may not agree with your decisions.

There are also side effects of abusing contraceptives which is why consulting health professionals on the best practices is advised.

There are dire consequences that come with not doing the needful as at when due, such as abortion, unwanted pregnancies, contracting sexually transmitted diseases and the knock on effects associated with these.

Individuals should not let the stigmatization drive them into taking easily avoidable risks.

This article does not in anyway promote premarital sex which still remains an act that our society and religious beliefs frown at. Therefore, young unmarried men and ladies are advised to abstain from such.

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