Suzuki cars price in pakistan – Automobiles 2022

Suzuki Alto, WagonR, Cultus and Swift are the most selling cars in Pakistan.

Suzuki Alto price is starting from PKR 1,425,000 and WagonR from PKR 2,019,000. Whereas Cultus is starting from PKR 2,250,000 and Swit from PKR 2,694,000.

The Federal Tax Ombudsman has directed the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to take steps to curb “Own Money” in the purchase of vehicles and cars in pakistan.

According to the details, the Federal Ombudsman (Wafaqi Mohtasib) has directed the FBR to take significant steps in the budget 2022-23 to curb the flow of ‘Own Money’ in the automobile sector. So that customers can avoid having to pay extra for the purchase of vehicles.

The federal tax ombudsman says auto manufacturers in pakistan book new cars through their dealers on partial payments and do not accept “pay orders” for the total amount. As a result, customers have to pay extra when car prices go up.

If they pay the full amount in advance, they can avoid paying extra when prices go up. In addition, due to the artificial shortage of new vehicles in the market, consumers are forced to buy cars by paying more than the price under ‘Own Money’ which should be discouraged.

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