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    Akin Sodimu

    If these rumours are true, then, Nigeria is absolutely in the hands of few people, which may be called cabals, as they are often called. If i am to look critically into this issue, the kind of Boss that the Vice President has got, in Person of President Muhammad Buhari, is not compatible for National Development. Number one, PMB is a man that nepotism runs freely in his blood. When he decided to pick Osinbajo as his running mate for the second time, I had an intuition that he wanted to use the credentials and charisma of Osinbajo to ascend to power again. If it is the wish of Buhari to impeach anyone, not Osinbajo. Buhari, those people that you must impeach from our mist are Poverty, Hunger, Joblessness, Nepotism, Tribalism, illiteracy, Kidnapping, Criminal herdsmen, just to mention a few. Buhari, I voted for you in your 1st term, and I also did in your 2nd term. Buhari, please realize that you had a joint ticket with Osinbajo. What is good for you is good for Osinbajo, and what is bad for you is bad for Osinbajo. Please take responsibility without bitterness for whatever Osinbajo must have done. We all know Osinbajo is a Professor, a Barrister (SAN) and also a Pastor, you are the President, no need for you to jealous or envy him. My dear President, please be sensible .


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