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    The chickens have come home to roast. From Taraba to Plateau and Benue states, comeuppance is catching up on those that partook in the near annihilation of the Igbos. As Mr. Ndukwe rightly pointed out, Igbo blood is thick, an unassuming vengeance is unfolding consuming those who heard and did nothing. Odumegwu Ojukwu’s legacy lives on; he saw it coming, made concerted effort to avert this catastrophe.

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    Comment…a word is enough 4 a wise

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    Comment…a word is enough for a wise

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    Austin Egharevba

    Like Mr Ndukwe rightly pointed out when it comes to the civil war, both sides have questions to answer. I was very young then but I saw a bit of it all & tasted some of the inconveniences of war. I am sorry to say that today, I still will not support such a war. As much as Ojukwu probably had a legitimate concern, war or the declaration of sovereignty was not a solution and in a complex place like Nigeria, it will never be.

    Thus in my opinion, Mr Ndukwe’s article is way too tribal and lopsided for my liking. Is he suggesting that anyone and everyone who took part in the civil war should never have an opinion? My belief is that there are many Ibos who made bizarre decisions and took part in unholy activities during the war and are still playing prominent roles (negatively or otherwise) in the country. Has Mr Ndukwe suggested the barring of such individuals? Let us move on from this tribal sentiment if truly we want to move our nation forward. A united nation is always stronger. Artificial barriers do not help anyone. Germany is a case in point. Not everyone may agree with me but this my opinion.

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      Staff Writer

      Thank you for this comment


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