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For the poor, learning from yesteryear

Abdul Mahmud Many things today point to the fact that the poor of our country are in a bad place. Everywhere you turn you find find folks, thin, gaunt, eyes pressed into their hollow sockets staring into vacant spaces, vacant as the minds which process nothing but fear, which abstract things that they laugh at. […]

On the cyberstalker near you: the power of arrest of the EFCC examined ( #FreeAbusidiq )

This week, the blogger and rabid defender of the rule of unlaw, Abubakar Sidiq Usman, was arrested by operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission following a dawn raid of his Kubwa, Abuja home. As expected the arrest and subsequent detention of Abubakar Sidiq Usman sparked a massive social media firestorm and the hashtag […]

The only game in town

Abdul Mahmud It was a revealing image as Hon Abdulmumin Jibrin gazed at the barrel mounted television camera and blew the rotted chambers of that dome-topped House cradling the three arms zone of our nation’s capital open to the prying eyes of viewers held spellbound by his out-of-the-world revelations. Not that he revealed anything new, […]

OP-ED| On the new poor

– By Abdul Mahmud There’s so much drama taking place in the absurd theaters of our country. Forget the theater of the red chambers of the National Assembly and the script of jesters, distinguished by their buffooneries than by the calling of their high offices. If the preposterous claims of the Lagos empress that a […]

Forget the law, take care of the poor

-By Abdul Mahmud Lagos is a fascinating city that holds immense imaginations, dreams and possibilities for many who encounter it. It is the place where hopes are born, where hopes die, and dreams yield to the geniuses of those who overcome bitter warts and ends to live the good life and attain the level of […]

OP-ED| The Road to Aluu

Abdul Mahmud For all the criticisms of the law, justice and equity remain its redeeming features even though the courts of law are ever too slow to serve justice to litigants who battle for either reparation or absolution, particularly in justice systems like ours, weakened by the improprieties of power, by merchants who hawk influence […]