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#KefasTravails: Revelations on Southern Kaduna activist currently being held in Kaduna Prison ~ Abdul Mahmud

Kefas was abducted by officers @policeng who were set on his trail by Governor El-Rufai in Rumuogba, Port Harcourt on 8 May 2019. During the abduction, they took his phone from him, effectively cutting him off from the world. They subsequently detained him overnight at Miniokoro Police Station, Port Harcourt. Following morning, he was bundled, […]

OP-ED| Remembering Kudirat Abiola

– By Abdul Mahmud The last decade of the twentieth century welcomed our country to its warts and all- the decline of the purchase value of military dictatorship, of one party rule, of the culture of personalization of power which defined the African decade of the last century, the end of the Cold War, the […]

For they know not what they do – Abdul Mahmud

It would be unfair to criticize the operatives of the Department of State Security (DSS) for barring Senator Bruce from having a handshake with President Buhari at the presidential anniversary dinner- a subject I will return to later- that was held in Abuja early this week. There are two issues here that the action of […]

Calling a thorn by any other name – By Abdul Mahmud @AbdulMahmud1

It is perhaps not surprising that we have withdrawn into the shell of silence, embraced the silent depth by exploring its circumference to grasp the illogic which makes our silence deafening, the universe a welcoming place. Silence is the defensive weapon we deploy against hardship, against hunger, against the real and the imagined threatening our […]

Our power is greater than theirs – Abdul Mahmud @Abdulmahmud1

In his inauguration address, President Buhari correctly captured our successor-leaders as spoilt children who broke everything and brought disorder to our house. For a leader not known for flowery prose, tonal seduction, charm and beauty of the oracular, and for the poetry of language, he came to his own like a poet possessed by his […]

HOT CHOCOLATE| The Search For Fuel, Water, Light and the Stories in between -By Abdul Mahmud

My generator set sputtered to a slow death as it ran out of fuel. The way it sputtered, the GREE-GREE, GREEEE… GREEEE sound made me think it was either close to that final moment of seizure or it was struggling to muster strength to survive the state it found itself, having sent a whizzing message […]