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Being a Nigerian: 26 Years Before ‘I’ Die and what I will make out of it

Adewunmi Emoruwa Whenever you read this, I penned this piece on my birthday, 4th September 2016 on a blessed Sunday. The weather is humid and precipitous. My potential is enormous, outlook is bright and I really cannot complain. I am not scared of the future or anything but I realize that I’m probably at the […]

Ngige’s Nkpara and the Nigerian rock of Unemployment By Adewunmi Emoruwa

I begin this piece by reminiscing about a good old Christian song I used to sing and enjoy back in the days. It goes as follows; “This mountain shall be removed This mountain shall be removed in Jesus Name This mountain shall be removed By the spirit says the Lord” Nigeria is a country of […]

Donald Trump: Why this ‘Otondo’ is Nigeria’s Best man for US Presidency by Adewunmi Emoruwa

Nigeria – The Christmas lights aren’t shining bright enough; the streets look pale in contrast to previous years of this very season. My fellow countrymen are found haphazardly in queues, at fuel stations, sharing views of the not so cheering news of billions dollars allegedly stolen as the Economy needs a prescription, maybe doses of […]

Buy Nigerian to save the Naira? by Adewunmi Emoruwa

I am quite taken aback by the linear, Naira centric thinking, patriotic blackmail attempts led by the ‘Buy Nigeria save the Naira’ crusaders and I have no love reserved for the don’t Buy Nigeria just because it’s made in Nigeria bullies. Both are parallel extremes whose common ground is in the arrogance and ignorance of […]

2016: Nigeria’s year of Prayer by Adewunmi Emoruwa (A MUST READ)

Every year is heralded by a theme for the Nigerian Christian, especially the Pentecostal community which I proudly identify with. You will find these themes inscribed on Car stickers, lapel pins and various merchandizes to remind the faithfuls of what the year holds or has in stock for them. We often times feel a deep […]

OP-ED| The Parable of Oversabi: Only Simple Things Can Destroy Nigeria By Adewunmi Emoruwa @eadewunmi

I have seen a country where everyone knows; a country with the wisest of men, a little lower than the Greek gods but wiser than the global average in this realm of man. The people are a little more experienced, lived the life, grossed some mileage, grazed, foraged and are dispersed world over. They’ve seen […]