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Where is the Change? By AmanamHillary Umo-Udofia

Nigerians finally elected a government of ‘change’ in 2015, we had no doubt about where we were departing; we were going to accede to change; for that was the entire that mattered. The assures for us were infinite, or so it appeared – the ground would be hit running with messianic ideas; corruption fought with […]

From Democracy to Junketocracy! By AmanamHillary Umo-Udofia

This arbitration has been incited, not so much by the stab of Garba Shehu in a steep flaunt of dissonance to defend his junket-styled master against the retorts of Nigerians over the state of the nation, an attempt that defies reason and leaves one scrupulously staggered. It would become perceptible that some Nigerians, myself along […]