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In Defence of the Spirit of Biafra By Anthony A. Kila

Those who easily discard the spirit of Biafra are wrong and they need to be corrected. A closer look at their position and action will easily reveal that their swiftness to discard is borne out of ignorance and naivety at best or intolerance and malice at worst. Lest we become guilty of what we accuse […]

In Dasukigate Stealing is not Corruption By @anthonykila

Yes, I agree we must put issues into perspective. In so doing, we cannot but conclude that in the ongoing Dasukigate stealing is not corruption, it is treason. Details coming out of the saga go beyond looting of public funds.  It is not just about the extreme case of abuse of power but the betrayal […]

OP-ED| Ambode Needs Oshodi By Anthony A. Kila

Reports reaching us from my Lagos is clear and unanimous: The honeymoon period between the people of Lagos state and our newly elected Governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode is over. The very many comments on Facebook and Disqus, critical tweets in the cyber world as well as frustrating remarks in bars, churches and PTA gatherings all […]