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Entrepreneurship Can Be Sexy: Starting Up Right!

By Ayodeji Morolani Lately, I have encountered lots of people in paid employment venturing into the exciting and risky but highly rewarding world of entrepreneurship. While some have succeeded at it, others have failed woefully. It is pertinent to note that there are great distinctions between being a great employee and running a good business. […]

3 Dead, Ten Houses Destroyed as High Voltage Causes Mayhem (PICTURED)

Three persons have been electrocuted leaving a few others with various degrees of burns and more than ten houses destroyed as a result of fire outbreak in Minna, the Niger State capital. The tragic incident which occurred over the weekend was allegedly caused by public power surge (high voltage following the installation of a transformer […]

Can Your Customer Hear You?

By Ayodeji Morolani Information is key to whatever we do. The moment there is an information breakdown, confusion starts. Businesses thrive on information. No matter how good your product or service is, without the right information, it will keep struggling. Gone are the days when you can treat a customer anyhow because he has limited […]