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OPINION: Would Ransome-Kuti Have Been Jailed if He Was Hausa/Fulani?

The recent dismissal and jailing of Brig Gen Enitan Ransome-Kuti by the military for various offences came to many as a shock following the fact that just in September, the military pardoned 3,032 soldiers who had been convicted also for various offences by a properly constituted General Court Martial (GCM). The worry here is that the pardoned soldiers […]

Army Council Recommends Brigadier General Enitan Ransome-Kuti’s Demotion, Release

The Nigeria Army Council has recommended that Brigadier General Enitan Ransome-Kuti be released from custody. The council also ordered a reduction in his rank from Brigadier General to Colonel. The council further recommended that he be reabsorbed into the army and posted back to service. Brigadier General Enitan Ransome-Kuti was arrested in January 2015 and tried for cowardice. He was […]

Boko Haram: Brigadier General Enitan Ransome-Kuti Sentenced to 6 Months

Brigadier General Enitan Ransome-Kuti has been sentenced to six months in prison for acts of cowardice committed during the war against Boko Haram. According to Military regulations, Brigadier General Enitan Ransome Kuti will be dismissed from the Army if the sentence pronounced on him by a military court in Abuja on Thursday 15th of October […]