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Video: Kanye West converts to Christianity

Kanye West has recently confirmed that he has fully converted to Christianity. The 42-year-old American rapper and father of four made the announcement over the weekend, as he made a surprise appearance at Howard University and held a listening party of his new album, Jesus Is King. In a video obtained by TMZ, West started by discussing a […]


Politics is the ability to influence decision that affect the society, community , state and country. Christian involvement in politics has been a much-debated subject at the center of Christian discourse for centuries. Many believers are taught that Christians should not seek engagement in the political realm because “faith and politics do not mix.” There […]

Bill To Set Up Christian Court Passes Second Reading

A Bill seeking to establish Christian Court has passed second reading at the House of Representatives. The Bill, if passed into law would make the Christian Court the equivalent of Shar­ia Court of Appeal. Sponsored by Hon. Isti­fanus Gyang (Plateau PDP) and eight others, it is titled: “A Bill for an Act to alter the […]

Muslims and Christian Celebrate Christmas in Cameroon

In a bid to stem religious based extremism, several churches have sponsored interfaith gatherings for Christmas services in Cameroon. At the Evangelical Lutheran Church here in this capital city, Christians traditionally have invited Muslims to help celebrate Jesus’ birth with a feast. This year, Muslim cleric Ibrahima Toukour also got five minutes to preach. Toukour […]

OP-ED| When Islam Is Not To Blame By Tony Ogunlowo

As a Catholic it’s strange that I should be writing an article of this nature – about Islam – especially, when, in this day and age a wind of ‘Islamophobia’ is sweeping across the world. But sometimes the truth needs to be told; how can we condemn an entire religion because of the murderous actions […]

Christian Woman Beaten To Death By Muslims For Preaching Gospel

A Christian woman has been beaten to death in Uganda by a mob of Muslims because she and her family had not heeded their warning to stop preaching the gospel. Her brother-in-law was killed last month for the same reason. Mamwikomba Mwanika, a mother of eight children, was taken from her home in Kalampete village […]