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by Breaking Timeson May 31, 2017
  So my brother Chude Jideonwo has penned another of his articles. I have read several articles and they just seem to get more ridiculous. In his latest article, he started with memories of the Buhari swearing in on May 29th 2015, and how he was moved to tears. Tears of joy I guess? Awwww how […]

Dear President Buhari, You Have Broken Our Hearts – Chude Jideonwo

by Breaking Timeson May 31, 2017
Two years ago to this day, you brought me to tears. You were in our nation’s capital, being inaugurated as the first Nigerian in our nation’s history to win the presidency from an opposition party. I was far away, in Lagos; but I had a cherished privilege: to be the one to publish the very […]

How Do We Recover-Urgently- Our Dignity As Nigerians? By Chude Jideonwo

by Breaking Timeson March 27, 2017
Let me tell you about my driver of seven years. The first sign of trouble when he was recommended was the fact that he didn’t have a job at the time. But he came highly recommended and so I asked to meet him. First question I asked him: Why wasn’t he presently employed? He had […]

CHUDE JIDEONWO | How It Came To Be That Jonathan Is A Strong Candidate For 2019

by Breaking Timeson March 22, 2017
I got a lot of panicked responses after my last piece; the panic focused on one small nugget of information buried within it: the fact that, as things stand today, former President Goodluck Jonathan is the strongest candidate that the People’s Democratic Party can present in 2019. So I decided to run slight interference, and […]

FLASHBACK| How Buhari’s New Twitter Handlers Fell Out With Jonathan

by Breaking Timeson April 4, 2016
By Yemi Adebowale In the run up to the 2011 presidential elections, the buzz generated by the Goodluck Jonathan campaign amongst the youth community was unprecedented. A team of young Nigerians got the contract to manage his social media brand packaging. At the head of this team was Chude Jideonwo and his Red Media team, […]

#TwitterFraudNG | StateCraft Labels Garba Shehu Incompetent Over @FLON Controversy

by Breaking Timeson July 6, 2015
By Yemi Adebowale Subomi Plumptre, a close associate of Chude Jideonwo, CEO of StateCraft – the company reportedly hired by the Buhari Presidency to manage the Nigerian Government’s social media presence may have responded to claims by Presidential Spokesman, Garba Shehu on Sunday that wife of the President, Aisha Buhari is not on Twitter.       […]