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CIA spy sentenced to death in Iran

Saying that the verdict will be implemented soon, Gholam-Hossein Esmaeeli said in his press conference that the sentenced CIA agent, Amir Rahimour, had received handsome amounts from the US for this job. Esmaeeli said that the Supreme Court of Iran has also confirmed the verdict. The US has repeatedly showed its enmity with Iran in […]

CIA Reveals a Former Director in Game of Thrones

America’s Central Intelligence Agency has blown its own cover, as it publicly announced its former deputy director made a cameo in the latest episode of Game of Thrones. “A perk of working for CIA is world travel,” its social media team wrote on Twitter. “Apparently that sometimes extends to other realms… “‘Little birds,’ be on […]

DUE DILIGENCE | Profiles of Imad Mesdoua’s Public Contacts in Nigeria

By Yemi Adebowale Following reports on Tuesday by BREAKING TIMES, which exposed Imad Mesdoua of Africa Matters Ltd as an MI6 undercover agent, further investigations by BREAKING TIMES on Thursday have revealed that not only did Imad work as an investigator at Mintz Group, he has also worked as a research analyst at Pasco Risk Management […]