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Germany Condemns Trump’s Split With WHO as “Disappointing”, Urges EU To Take A Firmer Stand.

by Olatorera Dickson-Amusaon May 30, 2020
Germany has spoken out strongly against U.S President Donald Trump’s decision   to sever ties with the World Health Organization, describing the action as “disappointing”. Germany’s Health Minister Jens Spahn hinted the European Union will take a  stronger interest in the reforming of WHO. This could mean that the US will no longer have the “final […]

Minneapolis Riots: Trump Vows To Issue Shoot On Sight Order For Opportunistic Looters

by Olatorera Dickson-Amusaon May 29, 2020
The struggle against injustice with regards to black lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota has been tainted by thieves mingling with the masses to rob neighbouring stores. Footage of several people carting away valuables under the guise of the chaos — stirred by the recent murder of George Floyd by a white police officer— has been revealed […]

US President Donald Trump Weighs In On George Floyd Case, Says “Justice Will Be Served!”

by Seun Adeuyion May 28, 2020
President of the United States, Donald Trump on Wednesday called the death of George Floyd “very sad and tragic,” and said that “justice will be served” in the Minnesota man’s case. Floyd, 46, died Monday night after a Minneapolis police officer pinned him by the neck with his knee for more than eight minutes. Video of the incident shows […]

#COVID19: President Trump’s Claims On Hydroxychloroquine Trigger Global Research

by Olatorera Dickson-Amusaon May 22, 2020
In the wake of US President Donald Trump’s claim that he has been using hydroxychloroquine to prevent Covid19 for himself,  Healthcare workers in Britain and Thailand have started taking part in a trial to determine whether two anti-malarial drugs can prevent COVID19, including hydroxychloroquine. The study is said to involve more than 40,000 healthcare workers […]

#COVID19: US President Trump Declares Flag Lowering As Tribute To American Coronavirus Victims.

by Olatorera Dickson-Amusaon May 22, 2020
President of the United States, Donald Trump has declared the next three days as a sober tribute to Americans who have lost their lives as a result of the Covid19 pandemic, which has ravaged the country in particular and claimed close to 100,000 lives. President Trump’s Twitter account rang with retweets in the early hours […]

#COVID19: U.S President Trump’s Coronavirus Test Kits Turns Out Majorly False Negatives.

by Olatorera Dickson-Amusaon May 13, 2020
A rapid coronavirus test previously approved by President Donald Trump and used to test White House officials has been found to produce false negatives in almost half of all cases, according to a new study by researchers at the New York University, Langone Health. The test by Abbott Laboratories, which returns positive results in five […]