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OP-ED| Owambe Diplomacy By Adewunmi Emoruwa @eadewunmi

 Nigeria must change its steps on the foreign relations dance floor Time Magazine, October 20, 1961, carried an opinion titled ‘The Pride of Africa.’ The piece chronicled the 1st Foreign Affairs Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the late Jaja Wachuku of the Ngwa royal dynasty. With all due respect, the Nigerian Foreign ministry has […]

OP-ED| The Parable of Oversabi: Only Simple Things Can Destroy Nigeria By Adewunmi Emoruwa @eadewunmi

I have seen a country where everyone knows; a country with the wisest of men, a little lower than the Greek gods but wiser than the global average in this realm of man. The people are a little more experienced, lived the life, grossed some mileage, grazed, foraged and are dispersed world over. They’ve seen […]