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Journalist shedding light on Ebola virus murdered in DR Congo

by Chuks Azotanion November 4, 2019
Papy Mumbere Mahamba, a 35-year-old radio host who helped to spread the word in the fight against Ebola, was found stabbed to death at his home in northeast Democratic Republic of Congo.  Though why Mahamba who lives in the town of Lwemba in the troubled Ituri region was killed is not yet known, it was gathered that the assailants […]

Gold miner who died of Ebola contaminated several Persons ~ officials

by Ikokwu Ikembaon August 2, 2019
Authorities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are racing to contain the Ebola virus after an infected man with a large family contaminated several people amid fears the epidemic could last two to three years in the country. “The gold miner … will have contaminated several people, but for the moment it is […]
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17 Dead As Ebola Returns

by Breaking Timeson May 9, 2018
Officials said 17 people have died in an area of northwestern Democratic Republic of Congo where health officials have now confirmed an outbreak of Ebola. It is the ninth time Ebola has been recorded in the central African nation, whose eastern Ebola river gave the deadly virus its name when it was discovered there in […]