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Real reasons why FG denied Ekiti Budget Support Facility

The Ministry of Finance has ex­plained why the Ekiti State government was not allowed to ac­cess the Budget Support Fund like other states of the federation. In a rebuttal to Gov­ernor Ayodele Fayose’s allegation that the Fed­eral Government had withheld the statutory allocation to Ekiti State, the ministry said that the governor’s claim was incorrect. […]

Wetin dey name self???

It is no coincidence that the first task after the delivery of the child is the allocation of a name to that child. This singular action underscores the importance if a name in the evolution of the child. Traditionally in Nigeria, the name is given after very careful deliberation, factors considered include but were not […]

His travels, Our travail…

After the elections on 28th of March 2015, there was palpable excitement in the streets, the optimism was un-paralleled. There was renewed hope, the man in the streets believed that miracles would transform his daily Garri to bread and butter from May 29th. The average Nigerian is now fast losing his patience with leadership, he […]

RAPE| A Product of Society By Ekitumi Ofagbor

The pleasure of intercourse, the possibility of sex in a pervasive society makes one question the rational of rape. We are not only assaulted by the action of rapists, society then colludes with the rapist to victimize the victim. People fail to rise in protest against the rapist, instead we have people who blame the […]

OP-ED| Education Reform

President Muhammadu Buhari has inaugurated his federal cabinet and over the next few weeks we would get to know the policy direction in each sector of our economy. Few names stand out in the ministerial list, the most obvious of which is that of the former Lagos state governor who has a difficult and huge […]