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Why Does The PDP Publicity Secretary Michael Osuozo Want Gov Okowa’s Downfall?

by Breaking Timeson December 5, 2016
Truth is the only treason in the empire of lies Anonymous In the run up to the 2015 election, some journalists and bloggers including yours faithfully were gathered in Lagos for a week to analyze the minds of the electorates and come up with whom to support for President? A month later, we were invited […]

Oliver Fejiro, A Journalist Of Many Lies Against Delta State Government

by Breaking Timeson December 5, 2016
In any credible democratic setting, it is elementary knowledge that a journalist is at liberty to think, decide and write on what is believed to be independent opinion on an issue that is topical or of common interest. However, it is also low in logic and intellect for any journalist to assume that the right […]