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The Courts Must Declare Atiku As Nigerian President (2), By Femi Aribisala

When the All Progressives Congress (APC) discovered that Atiku had the authentic votes of the 2019 presidential election, retrieved from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)’s back server, the party went into panic mode. Its first reaction was to demand that Atiku be prosecuted for hacking into the INEC network. But this position was self-defeating. […]

Don’t Cry for Bola Tinubu, By Femi Aribisala

    The Jagaban of Borgu has been slain politically upon his high places. How are the mighty fallen! Many monuments have been built in honour of the man Bola Tinubu. He is acclaimed as the political genius of our times who not only engineered the taming of the PDP juggernaut, he caged it and confined […]