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My Response To Gbenga Olorunpomi [Re: Ogbeni Aregbesola And The 40 Thieves]

by Breaking Timeson July 30, 2015
By Favour Afolabi (Op-Ed Editor’s Note: Gbenga Olorunpomi did a response to an earlier article of the same subject matter here. Read the earlier article here. This is Favour Afolabi’s response to that) I know that typically, others would write rejoinders with the intro “I would not have done this if not for…” but I be […]

SPECIAL REPORT | APC Youths Begin Intense Lobby for Ministerial, Governorship and Presidential Assistants

by Breaking Timeson April 22, 2015
Reports by Yemi Adebowale, Kayode Sesan The scramble for special assistant and personal assistant jobs to Senators, Governors and Ministers under the incoming APC government has begun in earnest. Much as the older generation politicians have engaged in intense lobby for appointments under Buhari’s government, the younger generation is not left out. BREAKING TIMES investigations […]