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Greece: Leader Of Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Group Bags 13 Years Jail Sentence

A court presiding in Greece on Wednesday sentenced the leadership of the extreme-right Golden Dawn to 13 years in prison. Judge Maria Lepenioti read the sentences against party leader Nikos Michaloliakos and seven other culprits. The ruling from the Court followed five years trial of dozens of top officials as well as supporters of Golden […]

Greece: Seven Dead In Greek Island Flash Floods, Including Baby

Heavy rains and thunderstorms have caused flash flooding on the central Greek island of Evia, leaving at least seven people dead, amongst them a baby. Three victims were discovered by Fire brigade officials said on Sunday, including the baby, in the village of Politika. The other four were in the village of Amfithea and the […]

Greece On A Knife Edge By Karderinis Isidoros

It is exactly five years since Greece joined the European Support Mechanism with the close cooperation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). At that time, the key and critical financial data were the following: GDP amounted to 222.151 billions at the end of 2010. The public debt was 148.3% as a percentage of GDP. Unemployment […]