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Iran orders West to leave Persian Gulf as tensions heightened

Iran’s president called Sunday on Western powers to leave the security of the Persian Gulf to regional nations led by Tehran, criticizing a new U.S.-led coalition patrolling the region’s waterways as nationwide parades showcased the Islamic Republic’s military arsenal. Hassan Rouhani separately promised to unveil a regional peace plan at this week’s upcoming high-level meetings […]

Iran warns any strike by Saudi Arabia or the US will result in ‘ALL-OUT WAR’ in the Gulf

Iran‘s foreign minister has warned that any Saudi or US military strike would result in ‘all-out-war’, after the allies blamed Tehran for attacks on Saudi oil at the weekend. Mohammad Javad Zarif said Iranians ‘won’t blink to defend our territory’ and are willing to fight ‘to the last American soldier’ in the event of an […]

Germany unwilling to join US-led Persian Gulf maritime warfare

Germany is “reluctant” to join a proposed U.S.-led maritime surveillance mission in the Strait of Hormuz but would consider taking part in a European mission, the government said Wednesday, July 31. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government was responding to a U.S. demand made public a day earlier “to help secure” the world’s busiest oil shipping lane […]