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BREAKING| Nigerian ‘starved’ to death in Japanese immigration detention

by Ikokwu Ikembaon October 1, 2019
A Nigerian man died of starvation in a Japanese immigration detention center in June, Japanese authorities said Tuesday. The man, who is divorced and has family in Japan, was detained for illegally residing in the country, the Mainichi Shimbun reported. The unidentified man was reportedly in his 40s at the time of his death. He […]

South Africa deports 10,000 illegal migrants

by Ikokwu Ikembaon September 11, 2019
South Africa Department of Home Affairs, on Wednesday, said that more than 10,000 illegal migrants have been deported from South Africa in the first six months of 2019. Home Affairs Minister spokesman Siya Qoza said it was clamping down on illegal migration and that plans were in place to secure the country’s porous borders. “These […]

BREAKING| Donald Trump announces new rules for immigration, take off date

by Ikokwu Ikembaon August 13, 2019
The U.S government has introduced a new regulation on restricting legal immigration to raise the threshold for immigrants to stay in the U.S. for a long time. Xinhua reported on Tuesday that the regulation will take effect on October 15, 2019. According to the regulations, foreign citizens who apply to immigrate to the U.S. will […]