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#COVID19: Egypt Donates Medical Supplies To USA, Italy

by Seun Adeuyion April 22, 2020
Egypt has given aid to USA and Italy, for their fight against Coronavirus. They donated medical supplies to both countries, according to the Africa Facts Zone. The US has suffered more confirmed coronavirus deaths than any other country. According to Financial Times, more than 1,500 people in the US died from coronavirus in the past 24 hours, […]

#COVID19 Forces Italy To Extend Nationwide Lockdown For Another 3 Weeks

by Seun Adeuyion April 11, 2020
Italy has extended its nationwide lockdown for another three weeks until May 3, according to data storyteller, Norbert Elekes. The decision reflects a pattern playing out in many parts of Europe as health officials and politicians warn against letting up too early on restrictions to stem the spread of the coronavirus and avoid a second […]

#COVID19: See List Of Countries Hit With The Most Deaths

by Seun Adeuyion April 3, 2020
The coronavirus outbreak was labelled a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). WHO chief Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the number of cases outside China had increased 13-fold in two weeks. He said he was “deeply concerned” by “alarming levels of inaction”. According to Wikipedia, a pandemic is an epidemic of disease that has […]

JUST IN: Italy Reports 5,210 New Cases Of #COVID19, 683 New Deaths

by Seun Adeuyion March 26, 2020
Italy has reported 5,210 new cases of coronavirus and 683 new deaths, according to Data Storyteller, Norbert Elekes. The country now has a total of 74,386 cases and 7,503 deaths.

#Covid-19: Countries And Their Number Of Deaths

by Seun Adeuyion March 23, 2020
According to the Spectator Index, in its latest COVID-19 update, the country with the most deaths is Italy, where 4,925 people have reportedly being killed by the disease, followed by China, with 3,261 deaths cases. See the list below:

Coronavirus: Italy announces 368 deaths in 24hrs

by Seun Adeuyion March 16, 2020
Italy, yesterday, announced 368 new deaths from the coronavirus outbreak as the country’s death toll hit 1,809, according to the spectator index in its latest report on covid-19. Iran reported more than 100 people have died in the past 24 hours, with the confirmed cases nearing 14,000. spain also recorded 96 deaths within the last 24hrs. Germany […]