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At least 58 People killed after a Boat Capsized off Mauritania, U.N. Says

A boat carrying at least 150 people approaching Mauritania, capsized in the Atlantic Ocean the U.N. agency said. The boat had been low on fuel while approaching the west African coast of Mauritania, the International Organization for Migration said in a statement. Survivors were being helped by the authorities in the northern city of Nouadhibou. […]

New migrant death exposes cruelty of Britain’s border

A Nigerian refugee in Calais, France, has died of smoke inhalation after lighting a fire inside his tent in a desperate bid to keep warm. His friend discovered the man’s body near the Des Huttes Road on Friday of last week. He was one of hundreds of refugees who are forced to sleep rough in […]

Why charismatic Christianity is popular with migrants ~ The Economist

It is a well-established fact among religion-watchers that charismatic forms of Christianity, including the Pentecostal churches, are the fastest-growing variety of the world’s largest monotheism. Another widely agreed statement: these churches’ success reflects their appeal to people in transit. That includes migrants from rural areas to big cities like São Paolo or Lagos, and travellers […]

20 refugees drown off Libya’s coast

At least 20 people, including young chil­dren, have died after their vessel cap­sized off Libya’s coast, the Italian coast­guard says. About 200 people fell off the overloaded ves­sel that was just 20 nautical miles (37km) in the Mediterranean Sea from Libya when the acci­dent occurred on Wednesday. The crew of the Phoenix aid boat, chartered by the […]

TB JOSHUA | Migrants recount Horrid tales of Abuse and Torture in Journey to Europe

A number of Europe-bound Nigerians, who were deported as migrants, have shared horrid tales of survival and seemingly narrow escape from death. The migrants recalled experiences that would make the bravest of men shudder; how out of thirst, they drank water from a well with dead body inside and nearly suffocated while hiding in a truck covered with […]

PARIS ATTACKS| EU Under Fire As Investigation Reveals Migrants Used Identical Passports

THE European Union has come under fire after it emerged as many as eight migrants have reached Europe using travel documents almost identical to those belonging to one of the Paris bombers. The jihadi, who blew himself up on the streets of the French capital during the attacks that killed at least 129 people, claimed […]